The World's First Cycling "Appcessory" for Indoor Fitness Equipment

Easily installed to fitness equipment

XKIT can be installed to nearly any kind of indoor cycle, exercise bike, elliptical and bike with cycle trainer. This means that you can use XKIT with any new or existing fitness equipment and enjoy an awesome indoor fitness experience.

Meet the revolutionary indoor cycling speed sensor

XKIT is revolutionary training device that comes equipped with a high-tech sensor that can be used to track your speed and distance as you pedal. The data is sent to compatible fitness apps so that you can see exactly how fast you are going and how far you have gone.

Smart device powered
Use the latest smart devices and connect to XKIT
Cycling speed detection
Get real-time speed data straight to your smart device
Bluetooth 4.0
Latest wireless technology seamlessly communicates with your smart device
Cycling apps
Experience incredible fitness apps and track your workout data

Transmits real-time speed data to compatible apps

When a user starts pedaling on their fitness machine, the crank and XKIT start to spin. XKIT then gathers and calculates the speed data and transmits it to compatible apps via Bluetooth.

Compatible apps

We've designed exciting and easy-to-use apps for your indoor cycling experience with XKIT.
Cycle on Earth is integrated with Google Maps and lets you experience lifelike routes around the world. Now you can exercise by places like the historic Roman Colosseum and the beautiful coast line in Cape Town right from your home.
Cycle Rush provides a gym-like workout experience while exercising at home. The app comes packed with excellent indoor cycle training programs, motivating coaching sessions, and inspiring music.

Cycle Rush

Exceptional App for Indoor Cycling

  • Get in shape with exciting training programs
  • Stay motivated with in-session professional audio coaching
  • Multiple training sessions (27 training sessions in 5 different levels)
  • Excellent workout tracking features
  • Packed with motivating music created specifically for indoor cycling
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Cycle on Earth

Bike at Home and See the World

  • Bike around the world with Google Maps integration
  • View workouts in Street View, Map View and Satellite View
  • Easy search feature lets you set up routes around the globe in seconds
  • Analyze performance with great workout tracking features
  • Share results on social media to get feedback and inspire others
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Compatible Smartphones and Tablets

A smartphone or tablet with built-in Bluetooth 4.0 is required to use XKIT.