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User Guide

Compatible with All PAFERS-enabled
Bluetooth Fitness Machines

Born with PAFERS DNA, Fitconsole is designed to be 100% compatible with all three types of PAFERS-enabled Bluetooth fitness machines (treadmills, elliptical trainers and fitness bikes). With Fitconsole app and PAFERS-enabled fitness machines. Indoor Fitness has never been so functional and interactive.Use your android device to download the latest version of Fitconsole, connect your device with PAFERS-enabled fitness machines in the Fitconsole app and you are ready to go!

Performance Matter the Most.
We Visualise Them the Best We can.

When it comes to indoor fitness, It's always the most important to know how you are doing and how well you did. Fitconsole provides a clean interface with large digits to display all the fitness data and numbers so it's very easy for you see even from a long distance.

Various Programs for Different Purposes

We all need different training programs to deal with different physical conditions. Fitconsole has various programs for you to select. Easy workout or hard-core fat burning session, it's up to you.

Saves Your Results Automatically

One of the greatest disadvantages of traditional fitness machines or generic fitness apps is that you need to manually keep track of your workout results. Fitconsole is here to rescue you. Every time you finish a workout session with Fitconsole, it automatically saves your result with all numeric and graphical details. All you need to do is exercise hard and leave the rest to Fitconsole.