Jumpstart your training today with the #1 indoor cycle training app

Acheive Peak Performance with Exceptional Training Features

27 Classes in 5 Training Categories

Get in shape with exciting programs designed to provide the cycle training you need. Cycle Rush has many fun and challenging training programs that will test your endurance and push you to edge..

12 60-Minute Training Music Tracks

Boos your energy and get your cardio pumping with the energizing workout tracks. The high-intensity tracks are specifically designed to provide the right tempo and beats to match your cycle training programs.

Music Track Sample

Audio Training Cues

Cycle Rush has numerous coached training sessions that provide feedback and guidance while you cycle. Each session has its own specific times audio cues so that you will always know what you should be doing. The expert coaching advice will push you through intense training programs and help you real your fitness goals.

Audio Cues Sample

Compatible With PAFERS accesories

Cycle Rush is compatible with both the PAFERS T-KIT and HR-KIT. While connected to the T-KIT and HR-KIT, Cycle Rush records and displays your real cycling speed and heart rate data.